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We are growth hackers

When your business must deliver growth, and it is clear that someone has to come up with some extraordinary ideas,


that’s when you call us.

Not a minute earlier.

Rest assured, when we are done, no business axiom, no product pricing, and no customer preferences will remain untested.

The result: real, exciting, and

remarkable growth.

Call us Trouble-Makers?

Go ahead.

We prefer

Growth Hackers.



Hacking for Corporates

Growth and corporate strategy seem to go together, don’t they?

Well, too often, they don’t.


While the corporate strategy is all about diligent analysis of the marketplace and understanding each competitor's micro-moves, corporate growth hacking is entirely different.

Simply put, what we look for is not a “Winning Strategy” but rather an elusive, brilliant business opportunity.

Easier said than done? Well, our unique methodology allows us to uncover seemingly unrelated market changes, or “blips”, in areas such as technology, customer behavior, pricing, or cultural shifts.

To do so, we use, among others, ethnographic, design thinking, and disruptive thinking methodologies.


We connect these dots into one coherent story through our proprietary From Signals to Pattern (FSTP) process.

Now, what seemed like an over-plowed market is packed with new opportunities, seen only by you.



Hacking in Foreign Direct Investments

For too many years, marketing and PR agencies led the promotion efforts of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI). A fundamentally macro-level strategic question was (wrongly) looked at as a branding challenge.

Not surprisingly, that promise was never fulfilled.

Investment decisions are made based on data, not on brands.

While working with Invest in Israel, the Israeli Ministry of Health, The City of Tel-Aviv, and other governmental and municipal bodies, that simple truth became clear. Looking to promote global investments, we adapted our corporate growth hacking techniques to the FDI promotion frameworks.

We identified the relevant signals, integrated them into a pattern, and developed a unique opportunity for each of these bodies, enabling them to

stand out in the global FDI market.




Their logos tell nothing of their stories and the strategies we neatly crafted for them.

Yet, though confidential, every one of them will be happy to share with you how YS helped them generate concrete, incredible growth.

Don't hesitate to give us a call.


The Team

Chenli Haetzni

Senior Consultant

Chenli Haetzni.jpeg

If it's hard,

it means it's possible

With vast experience in marketing, Chenli holds a B.A. in political strategy and decision making. Working extensively with governmental bodies, she is versed in FDI promotion techniques and product innovation. Chenli leads our FSTP methodology.

Shimon Keselman




model it

An expert in retail, Shimon holds a B.A. in political science and strategy. He developed a unique taste for complex problems he can sink his teeth into while working with many private-market clients and building strategies for major organizations. Shimon leads our public policy innovation discipline.

Ziv Heimlich Shtacher



Progress only

occurs outside of

the comfort zone

A technology expert, Ziv holds a B.A. in political science, philosophy, and economics. With a sharp eye for detail, Ziv has been able to crack some of the most enigmatic markets we worked on, such as the diamond industry and defense R&D. Ziv leads our analysis team.

Naama Keren

Assistant Analyst

Naama Keren.png

Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t,

you’re right

A former officer in an elite Intelligence unit, and a Med student today, Naama is an expert in foreign market analysis.

Uri Friedman

Assistant Analyst

Uri Friedman

The harder I work,

the luckier I get

A Political Science and Strategy student, Uri is an expert in offset regulations worldwide and has worked on offset guideline development

Moriya Jaffe

Visual Designer

Moriya Jaffe

One good visual

can make all

the difference

Specializing in visual communications, Moriya Holds a B.A. in communication. A core team member, she is the one turning our signals, patterns, and strategies into once-in-a-lifetime visuals.

Amir Sandel

Amir Sandel


Growth is all about the right mental market model

In the past 25 years, Amir held strategy and business development positions at the forefront of technology. At Intel, he was a strategic planner, overseeing intel’s processors. Later at Orange, he managed corporate development and IR.

Amir manages our investment promotion, corporate strategy, and technology advisory services, working closely with clients who need a mix of strategic and deep

technological insights.


Nir Yelinek


Tell me a story

I never heard before

Nir has 20 years of international experience in marketing and innovation at leading global companies. He held marketing and innovation positions at McCann Erickson in Europe, Procter & Gamble in the USA and Bezeq International and Orange in Israel.

Nir manages our marketing, branding, and innovation advisory services, working closely with leading local and international brands looking for outstanding marketing solutions.

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